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Play Scripts and Stories for
French as a Second Language

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Short Fables in French fromTapsy Tales Logo

Teachers of French as a Second Language are busy people....
what do you need?

Time-saving, ready-to-go teaching materials.

Downloadable e-books

- no shipping or handling charges
- no waiting to receive items in the mail
- print only what you need
- make as few or as many copies as needed (e.g. run four copies of the  glossary
 for group work, but individual copies of the  story)
- find specific pages quickly using bookmarks in each pdf file

Each unit has the features listed below:

  • familiar stories
  • simple narrative in the present tense
  • 5 short fables in French with
  • numbered text lines for quick reference

fable sample 1

  • • play script based on narrative text which expands and encourages the use of verbs in the conversational first and second persons as well as the narrative third person

    script sample

    • comprehension and grammar activities with teacher answer pages.

    sample questions
    tictac sample       

    • comic cells for students to illustrate and retell the story

    comic sample

    • character drawings for students to colour, cut out and mount on straws for puppet     shows

    puppet sample

    • French-English glossary

    glossary sample

  • What makes fables a great way to encourage reading in French?
    The stories are short (only 1 page in length).
    Students are not overwhelmed by the amount of text.

    The Tapsy Tales Series has been created by an experienced teacher of French as a Second Language who knows how difficult it can be to find stories written at a level that is simple enough for beginning students.

    Watch your students become fully engaged in learning when given materials that are familiar as well as easy to read.

    Oral participation becomes fun and less threatening when the simple scripts are used for classroom skits, puppets ........or...... dressed up for stage presentations.

    Do you have students who prefer to express themselves through art?

    The comic cells are perfect for letting students do just that!
    (It is also a great way to check a student's comprehension of vocabulary and storyline.)

    Not sure of the level of difficulty? ........ download a free file of Short Fables in French

    Each Collection has 5 Well-known Fables

    cover ASérie A
    • La Cigale et la Fourmi
    • La Corneille et le Broc
    • La Corneille et le Renard
    • Le Renard et les Raisins
    • La Tortue et le Lièvre

    Esope B coverSérie B
    • Le Chêne et les Roseaux
    • Le Fermier et la Cigogne
    • La fourmi et la Colombe
    • Les Grenouilles qui désirent un roi
    • La Laitière et le Seau

    Esope C cover  Série C
    • L'Alouette et ses Petits
    • La Grenouille et le Boeuf
    • Un Paquet de bâtons

    • Le Vent du Nord et le Soleil
    • La Chauve-souris, les Oiseaux, et les Bêtes

    fables dSérie D
    • Le rat de ville et le rat des champs
    • Le chien et son image
    • L'oie aux oeufs d'or

    • L'ours et les abeilles
    • Le garçon qui crie au loup

    Enjoy Fairy Tales?
    Check out Tapsy Tales'
    Fantaisies françaises


    Activity Books
    available for each
    series of Fairy Talesfrench activity book

    French Activities b
    French Activities C


    Each e-book has a series of 5
    well-known fairy tales in three versions.

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