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Puppets in Educationpuppet logo

Need a Puppet Stage?

Permanent? ... Temporary? ... Large? ... Small?

Making a useful puppet stage can be as simple as looking around for items already available in the room or as detailed as drawing up a plan and buying the materials to assemble a custom made theatre.
In a classroom, for example there are usually pieces of furniture available for a quick, on the spot performance.

• flip over a couple of desks or a table if the students are small enough to sit or kneel behind and be hidden
• hang a blanket or sheet over a rolling coat rack, free - standing chalk or white board or between two chairs
• sit behind a short free standing bookshelf
• have no puppet stage - interact with a puppet right out in front of your audience
              (Take advantage of our capacity for suspension of belief.)


With a couple of small purchases you can turn your doorway into a theatre.

• a curtain with a rod pocket
(whatever length you need to hide the puppeteers)
• a spring-loaded rod long enough to fit snugly between to door frame

Simply slide the curtain onto the rod and prop it into the doorway. This is also great entertainment for people passing in the hall outside. They get a reverse view of the action!

doorway puppet stagespring rod adjusts to fit in doorway spring rod adjusts to fit in doorway



after fitting rod, take it out,
place curtain on rod and put
rod back in doorway




Here are two designs that can easily be constructed with cardboard boxes.

Table Top Stage for Small Hand or Finger Puppets

• 1 sturdy cardboard box
(size depends on your table)
• 2 sturdy pieces of cardboard   for the wings
• 2 clamps or heavy tape
• 2 library type book ends
pupppet stage box 1 Optional:

• material for small curtains
• string or dowel to hang them   on if you wish to open and close   them

• cut flaps off box leaving half of each side flap as shown to be clamped or taped to the table
• scenery can be drawn on paper and attached to the back and wing pieces with clips for easy scene changes for different groups
Overhead View
puppet stage box

• box overhangs table for access from below (puppeteers sit on floor)

• L-shaped library book ends taped to back of cardboard wings and table help to secure the stage

Floor Stage for Hand or Rod Puppets

puppet stage 2-level

• 1 very large sturdy cardboard appliance box
   (tall enough for your puppeteers to stand behind)
• 1 smaller appliance box (tall enough for your puppeteers to sit or kneel behind)
The back of the large box can be used for the lower section, but it can be difficult to fold evenly.
• lower section showing flaps
left from back of box
puppet stage 2-level lower

• leave the bottom flaps on the sides and front of each box - these can be    taped
   to the floor to secure the sides of the box at the correct angle
• use the smaller box as a template to cut out the hole in the front of the
   larger box - remember that the width of the hole must be a little wider    than the smaller box in order to have some angle on the sides of the    lower level
• before cutting off the back of the smaller box, measure in 5-8 cm
  (2"-3") from the sides, keep this much of the back and cut out the rest
• fold out these back pieces to make flaps that will tape to the inside of   the larger box and secure the lower section

For Puppet Clubs or Puppet Ministries
the PVC pipe puppet stage is very easy
to construct. It is durable, customizable
and can easily be assembled and
disassembled for travel and storage.

pvc pipe puppet stage
How to Build
Make a simple marionette stage from a cardboard box. If you are making string puppets, this theatre can be customized to the size of your puppets and puppeteers.
Marionette Theatre
How to Build