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Puppet Scripts from Dandhland

A puppet play within a puppet play – a free play script of the
Good Samaritan

Passing By

Pdf Version of the puppet script with music        Sample Music


Teacher: Mr. Humphries – young, enthusiastic
                     Students: Francie – happy, friendly, follows Brenda
                                   Brenda – somewhat selfish, unfriendly
                                   Sam – nice but not popular with other students
                                  (cardboard cutouts could be made of backs of heads
                                     of other students in class.)
                                   Old Man – a little doddery
                        • simple paper and straw puppets for the story of the GOOD SAMARITAN
                        • puppet size soccer ball and net
                        • school books
                        • bag of groceries for old man

school bell rings, students enter noisily and take places

(raising voice over noise)
Alright children, settle down now.
(pause as noise subsides)
Today we have a special treat. One of our students has offered
to perform a puppet play for us.

Great, no work!

(general sounds of happy agreement from other students)

That’s enough, that’s enough. Now, as I was saying our presentation today is a puppet
play by Sam Simpson. You may set up now Sam.

(Sam goes “backstage", immediate negative response from students)

(Stage whisper)
Oh brother, not him! What a pain!

(copying Brenda’s tone)
I know. What on earth kind of play could HE come up with? I bet it’s a real yawner.

Shshsh! Here comes Mr. Humphries.

Quiet down now class, Sam is ready to begin. People in front sit down so everyone can see.

(Sam appears in puppet theatre)

This is a story I learned in Sunday School last week. It’s called The Good Samaritan.
(Sam ducks down behind theatre and stick puppets appear. He gives a lively retell of the story.)

One day a man was walking on the road going from Jerusalem to Jericho. He was just
minding his own business –whistling – (whistles a bit) – and humming to himself
(hums) – when all of a sudden a whole gang of rotten robbers jumps out from behind a tree!
changes his voice for robbers and other characters in the story

Ah-ha! We’ve got you now. Give us all you have or else!

Help! Help! Stop! Oh no!
(puppets scuffle, Sam makes fighting noises)

Those terrible, mean robbers beat up the man and ran away with everything he had.
How awful! They left him in the middle of the road all bruised and bleeding.
(makes moaning noises)
Well, it was a busy road so everything should be o.k. ...... But! The first person to walk
past was a priest and he said,
“Tsk, tsk, very sad,
too bad,
I don’t have the time today.”
He crossed over to the other side of the road so that he didn’t have to go close to the
beat- up man.
Well, it was a busy road so maybe everything would be o.k. The next person to come
along was somebody called a Levite ( says leeeeee-vite) and he said,
“My, my, my, my,
what a mess on the road.
I guess somebody
oughta be told.”
He ran across the road too, to pretend that he didn’t see the messed -up man.
Well, it was a busy road but everything wasn’t o.k. The poor man was bleeding a
bleeding all over the road. He was almost dead! Then another man came by just when
things looked really bad. The only problem was that he was a Samaritan and Jews and
Samaritans hated each other! This one though was a good Samaritan and he said,
“Oh dear, oh dear,
what have we here?
I must help this man
as quick as I can!
And so the Good Samaritan looked after the hurt man. He put him on his donkey and took him to an inn. The next day he gave the inn-keeper some of his own money to pay for the man he helped.
That’s why he was called the Good Samaritan! The end.

Well done Sam. You did a fine job retelling the story. It was always one of my favorites.
(speaking to class)
I think this is a perfect time for a music lesson. I have just the song to follow Sam’s play.
Listen to the chorus. This is how it goes.
(sings chorus of Passing By)

Pass him by, pass him by,
Jesus said, “Don’t pass him by.”
Pass him by, pass him by,
Lend a hand don’t pass him by.

Now it’s your turn. Try to sing along with me.
(Class sings along)
Great! I think you’ve got it. This time, I’ll sing the verses and you sing every time we get to the chorus.
(sing entire song)
(recess bell rings)

O.k., time for a break. Have a good recess.
(all exit noisily – music of song in background)

(students run in playing soccer)

(Panting, guarding the goal)
Look out, here they come, stop them, stop them!
(soccer ball goes flying through the air – Francie saves it)
Boy, that was close! Come on team.
(ball goes flying, Brenda and Sam chase it
after a few plays, Sam gets hit on the head and falls down moaning)

(Goes over to Brenda)
Brenda, Sam just got hurt. You’d better go help him.

Him? Why?

Well, he is on your team, you know.

So what! I’m not going near him. He’s weird.

But no-one else on your team is helping him either!

(Runs off)
(Sam moans louder)

Find out who becomes Sam's "Good Samaritan".
Download the Pdf Version with complete script and music .