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Add a Little Dramatic Play to Learning
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Play Script Fables

These well-known Aesop Fables, based on the Tapsy Tales Fables in French, are written using simple English in the present tense so that they can be used by all levels of students.

ESL Lesson Plans?
Teachers find that listening to, reading and performing these short fables are effective activities for teaching vocabulary. Each play script also has an audio file so that students can hear the story as they read along - a great way for students to practise independently before presenting the play themselves!

Aesop Cover
PDF Files

Series A


The Ant and the Grasshopper

The Crow and
the Pitcher

The Fox and
the Crow

The Fox and
the Grapes

The Hare and
the Tortoise

Series B


The Farmer
and the Stork

The Ant and
the Dove

The Frogs Who
Want a King

The Milkmaid
and the Pail

The Oak and
the Reeds

Series C


The Lark and Her Young Ones

The Frog and
the Ox

The Bundle of

The North Wind
and the Sun

The Bat, the Birds and the Beasts

Wanda's Versions
WandaWanda loves words! Sometimes she goes a bit overboard but she has a great time doing it. Her play scripts add an element of linguistic play to the play. The traditionally simple style of the fable is maintained, but since she loves words, Wanda expresses herself in longer sentences with more descriptive vocabulary. These free play scripts were written to encourage playful learning.

Students will enjoy dressing up and playing the roles themselves or staying behind the scenes to present the fables with puppets.

The links in the table below open the html views of the fables.
Each page shows both the ESL and Wanda's version of the play script.

Series A
Series B
Series C

A Few Ideas for Learning Through Play ..........

The scripts can also be used as materials for:

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