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Short Play Scripts for Teaching French as a Second Language
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French Activities
for learning through

• French Plays • Easy French Stories • New French Songs • Integrated French Activities NEW!

Coming shortly..... Olympics in easy French  Five more fbales in easy French - Everything you need - just Print and Go

Èsope encore E -
• Le renard et la chèvre
• Le corbeau et le cygne
• Le marchand et l' âne
• Le porc-épic et les taupes
• Le renard sans queue


- short easy readings (narrative version and play script)
- French activities - comprehension questions, vocabulary exercises, various puzzles and games
- grammar chants, comic book cells, puppets

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For those of us who teach French, developing French activities is time consuming and a little help is always welcome.

Items offered on this page have been written specifically for use with students who are in the beginning levels of a French as a Second Language program.

Using familiar stories and characters (fairy tales, fables, myths) is a great way to introduce new French vocabulary and phrases. Combine this with an element of play and humour and you can grab the interest and enthusiasm of all of the students.

Practice Makes Perfect?

Getting students to participate orally can be a challenge, but give them a role in a humorous skit and fears of speaking French can melt away. Acting in short French plays gives students the opportunity to rehearse and perfect snippets of the French language, use actions, body language and props to make themselves understood - all necessary skills in learning to communicate.
Puppets also provide students with a less stressful way of participating orally.
Our FSL French Plays let students "ham it up" for either small class audiences or on a stage for a full auditorium.
Some plays include optional Narrator parts in English in case the play is performed for an English audience.

Add some drama to your French Activities

Have a few minutes to fill?
Here's an idea for a fun Vocabulary Charades Game!

Try out a free play script.......

The play scripts below are free to download. You may make as many copies as you need for your class or French club and may perform the plays in class or on stage as long as you do not charge admission. For information about the material please contact the author.


     To preview a play click on the title.
      To download the pdf files click on the icon for each title.

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Fairy Tale
from Tapsy Tales

Fairy Tales

Support activities
based on the fairy tales in Fantaisies françaises - includes oral and written practice.

French Activities Book - Grammar Chants
- Fill in the Blanks
- Verb Spinners
- Sentence Scrambles


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French activites
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Biographies en Plume
French Biograhpies
• Herb Carnegie
• Lincoln Alexander


The A Team

A new episode! A humorous French script with English narration is sure to keep the audience laughing.

Sur la pizza
Cantiques et Chants
de Noël

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Le Noël de Sylvester et Tweety

This is the easiest of the skits for beginning level students. As usual Sylvester is up to his hijinks, trying to capture a tasty Tweety.                        

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Le Sorcier d'Oz

Add costumes, props and sound effects and there is plenty of opportunity to make this stage version as exciting as the movie.
       * includes narration in both English and French

Zorro Logo

La Marque de Zorro

A humorous retell of the old story, this play is fun to perform. Once again our hero Zorro saves the day and sends the evil governor packing.

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Star Trek

Captain Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy and the rest of the crew are off on another interplanetary adventure and discover the secret of Uhura's past on a strange rosy planet.

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L' Empire contre-attaque

Get the light sabres ready as Luke Skywalker meets up with Darth Vader in this Star Wars adventure. Leia, Han Solo, Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca have a roaring good time.

vol art

Le grand vol de jouets

Santa and his reindeer meet up with a band of nasty robbers who make off with all the Christmas toys. Never fear, however, as The Lone Ranger and Tonto come to the rescue!

Asian Tales logo

Something different.............. World Myths and Legends
Tales from China, India and Afghanistan

Don't miss........

Le Roi Singe
- Tales of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King in easy French with activities
See Samples....


Biographies en Plume ..................

French Biographies

First in the series of Biography Duos in French

• Herb Carnegie
• Lincoln Alexander


Visit the Biography Page 


Fifi French Activities Volume 3

Un recueil de casse-têtes
... 25 puzzles in 4 levels of difficulty and a variety of topics a great accompaniment to Volumes 1 & 2
French Games- Acrostics
- Confusion
- Devinez !
- Sudoku en paroles
- Mots cachés
- Mots croisés
- Lexique

Find out more about FIfi Activity books


Duos dramatiques

Tapsy Tales' series Aventures en drame
3 volumes of play script pairs written in easy French: play scripts in French

  • Duo fantastique
  • Duo légendaire
  • Duo biblique
  • a special solo Christmas edition



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