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Puppets in Educationpuppet logo

It's Fun and Easy to Make Puppets

Looking for some easy to make puppets? A few recycled materials and a little imagination is all it takes to easily create a variety of interesting character puppets. Perhaps some of these old standbys will be helpful or will spark some new ideas for making puppets in the classroom.

Quick Jump to our latest free puppet patterns:

Pipe Cleaner Pop-up Puppets - main materials .... pencil, pipe cleaners, styrofoam ball

Pattern for Animal Marionette puppets - main materials .... paper or plastic cups, construction paper, string, craft sticks

Learn how to make a puppet out of a glove - main materials .... stray gloves, craft foam or construction paper

Ever thought of puppets for easy craft ideas for home, school or church?

Shoebox Theatre

• draw a scene on paper and glue it on the back and shoebox theatrebase of the box
• cutout cardboard figures and attach to straws
• poke holes in sides of box for straws to slide through
• box lid can be cut to make a pull up curtain


These mini theatres work very well for retelling favourite stories. It's excellent language practice for all students. Try some well-known stories to hear and stories to read in English and in French. You may even find some new stories to retell with your easy to make puppets.

Paper Puppet Cylinder Heads

cylinder puppets• make 2 construction paper cylinders, one a bit smaller to fit inside the other
• cut two pieces of black paper for the mouth -glue one piece on the top cylinder and the other on the bottom cylinder
• decorate the rest of the head and add a paper handle to the back of the top cylinder
• slide the bottom cylinder up and down to make the puppet talk



Mops and Dusters
mop puppet

• glue or tape eyes, nose, mouth,
  ears etc. to make humorous

Wooden Spoon Puppets

wooden Spoon Puppets

•paint a face on either side of the spoon,
  add hair with wool
•braid arms out of wool
• wrap with small piece of material

Paper Bag Puppets

paper bag puppet

• use a small square-bottom paper bag
• fold over part becomes the mouth

Egg Carton Centipede

centipede puppet

• cut the bottom of an egg carton in half
• add legs and antennae with pipe cleaners

A little more detailed, but these are still easy to make puppets ....

Styrofoam Ball Hand Puppet

styrofoam puppet head


• with fingers poke indentations into ball to make eye sockets and brow, cheeks,   nose and some definition or the mouth
• colour face with markers, add hair with wool or felt
• cut and sew a body shaped piece of material
• poke a hole into the bottom of the head and glue in the neck of the material   body



Pop-up Cone puppetpop-up cone puppet

• small styrofoam ball for head
• wooden skewer for stick
• conical plastic coffee cup liner
• cut out material for body and glue or sew sides together and glue onto rim of cup
• poke stick up through cup and material
• glue material and stick into head
• clip memory fact card to arms if used for practice game

puppet body pattern

Glove Puppets

Great for retelling fables
English or French!

Glove Puppet• find some gloves
• make a variety of characters
  by folding fingers in different
• decorate as much as you like

 Free puppet pattern


Animal Marionettes

marionnette puppet

Use a variety of sizes of paper
or plastic cups to create animal

- also called a string puppets.

Learn how to make a puppet
on strings.



Pipe Cleaner Pop-ups


Fast and easy to make

All you need:

- a few pipe
- a styrofoam or paper cup
- a small styrofoam ball
- a pencil
- markers


Learn how to make these puppets......

After you finish your easy to make puppets,
build a stage and perform your play!