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Add a Little Dramatic Play to Learning
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Audience Participation
Play Scripts

Getting Involved in Learning

These Audience Participation Play scripts are based in scripture and were created for special family events or services in a church. They have been written in such a way that all attendees are given group roles to play in the presentation of the drama. Some involve the making of simple props and costumes by the members of each group, or simply reading lines at the right time. There is a narrator and some specific roles to be played by actors.

To preview the play scripts, click on the preview link. To download the pdf files, click on the linked icons or the season title. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the icon at the left to go to the Adobe downloads page.

Story Retold

Christmas Play
On arrival, the participants are divided into 4 groups:
1) Townspeople of Nazareth
2) People at the Inn and Stable in Bethlehem
3) Angels and Shepherds
4) People at the Court of Herod


Easter Play
On arrival, the participants are divided into 4 groups:
1) People of Jerusalem and Pharisees
2) Disciples
3) Pilate and Court Crowd
4) Reporters
Clothed in Power

Pentecost Play
Participants are divided into 4 groups according to seating areas. A leader for each group should have a sign with the name of their group and the short phrase to be spoken in the foreign tongue. (These are not real words or languages)
1) Parthians
2) Elamites
3) Judeans
4) Asians
Daniel in the Den

Daniel in the Den
Participants are divided into 4 groups. Group leaders prepare the participants for their roles by practising the chants and/or actions to be performed during the play. Time is also given for the creation of simple costumes, props and scenery.

Individual Roles
King Darius

 Group Roles:


Try another type of participation play.
Have groups work together to present puppet plays.

More Great Materials for Bible Learning:

Many Bible stories can be retold effectively in play format. Events and life lessons can easily be illustrated by children or adults taking on the roles in the stories and creating their own mini plays on the spot. Begin by reading and discussing the story so that all participants understand the characters and messages important to retell. Try versions that are child friendly.

Devotions for children, written in story format using Bible characters.

Take a Family Multimedia Journey Through the Bible