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Play Scripts and Songs
for Dynamic Teaching

What role can music and drama play in the classroom?

Ask Wanda!
She loves helping her teacher to find new play scripts  and songs for teaching the class.

My name is Wanda and I'm the spokespuppet for Scruffy Plume. I decided to do this job because I love to sing and act in all my classes. When I'm enjoying myself like that I don't even feel like I'm working very hard. I have fun and learn new things all at the same time!

Ms. Sing is always finding new play scripts and songs for teaching us reading, social studies, science and even math.

We act up all the time in class - uh oops - that's not quite what I mean - um, we really like acting when we have a special time called Drama Play. Ms. Sing knows that we love to learn through music, so she tries to find musical scripts. Of course, I think the puppet scripts are the best!

Well, I'd better let you go to check out the rest of the site. I'll be seeing you around on some of the other pages. Have fun!

Find Scruffy Plume's most popular pages.

navigationcompass Drama Puppets Music French Make Puppets Classroom Scripts Fables Fairy Tales

You'll find ideas for drama, play scripts and songs for teaching
with both English and French activities.

Don't Miss Our E-Books - units include narratives, play scripts, glossaries, activities

Scruffy Plume's E-bookshop has expanded to an English section.
                                                   Check in to find new books as they are added.

Tales of the Monkey King

Tapsy Tales Logo

13 Stories for ESL

Le Roi Singe

Monkey King

13 Stories written in easy French with activities

Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales

- 3 Story volumes
3 Activity Volumes

15 Tales for FSL


Esope Encore

- 4 volumes

20 Tales for FSL

Greek Myths

Greek Myths

- 3 Volumes

15 Stories for FSL

First Nations Myths


3 Volumes

2 versions for FSL

FIFI French Activities

   french activities

- 3 Volumes of
review activities in vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure etc.

Latest Additions:       

New in the English e-bookshop....

Tales Less Grimm..........

tales less grimmThree Lesser known Grimm's Fairy Tales retold in play script versions.

The Three Feathers
The Three Lucky Heirs
The Three Golden Hairs


Mythes grecs Volume 3...............

greek myths in French• Zeus
• Héphaïstos
• Athène
• Hermès
• Psyche et Éros

Narratives, play scripts, activities, answer pages, glossaries

       Duos dramatiques - Aventures en drame .........................

french plays

Three new volumes of easy French play scripts. Each duo has two plays on a related theme.
Vol.1- Duo fantastique - Cendrillon et Blanche Neige 
Vol.2 - Duo légendaire - Robin des bois et Guillaume Tell
Vol.3 - Duo biblique - David et Goliath et Daniel et les lions
Special Edition - Solo biblique - La nativité


Biographies en Plume ..................
French Biographies

First in the series of Biography Duos in French

• Herb Carnegie
• Lincoln Alexander

Now Available!
Michaelle Jean and Mary Anne Shadd


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